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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Intermezzo: Goldfish Moon and Vuvuzela - Goldfischmond, mit Vuvuzela

Red Moon
?? WTH?
When I walked the dog last night, I encountered a vista never-seen-before : The moon, still almost full, was staring glaring at my little part of the world with one big tomato red eye. Somewhat creepy and beautiful at the same time....
When I had fetched my little digital camera (oh how I wished for a REAL cam, a SLR, at this moment!) and limped back to the parking lot just outside the village, to get an unobstructed view of the phenomenon, I was in a way relieved that Good Old Moon had changed her color to a more friendly bright orange, while rising from the horizon - wow, goldfish!

Letzte Nacht, als ich den Hund ausleeren ging, hatte ich ein unerhörtes Erlebnis: Der fast noch volle Mond starrte mit einem tomatenroten Auge auf meinen kleinen Teil der Welt herab. Wunderschön, aber auch irgendwie gruselig...
Ich humpelte heim und holte meine Digitalknipse (ach hätt ich doch eine ECHTE, eine Spiegelreflexkamera!). Bis ich wieder auf dem Parkplatz am Dorfrand war, hatte die Aussicht auf das seltene Phänomen sich verändert. Der gute alte Mond leuchtete jetzt in einem viel freundlicheren, satten Orangeton - ui, Goldfisch!

Dancing Moon
Trying some of the automatic features on my cam (snap them all, sort them later), I let her do a fancy dance with the street lights at extra long exposure.

Moonlight in Motion
Knips was geht, sortier sie später: Nach diesem Motto ließ ich den Mond im automatischen Langzeit- Belichtungsmodus mit den Straßenlaternen tanzen.

Then tried to catch her in a still life. Stilleben gefällig?
Moon and Lanterns

Not very impressive, huh? Aaaaw you should have been there with me and get the eery spirit of this hot midsummery night, with the cicadas in the vineyard vuvuzeling (don't miss, click - worth listening!) their mesmerizing tunes in multison, and unknown critters rustling in the undergrowth, and a whiff of rosy scents sweetly soothing the senses now and then ...

Nicht sehr beeindruckend, ich weiß. Ach, ihr hättet mit mir dort sein sollen! Die Grillen vuvuzelierten (unbedingt anhören - sooo geil!) ihren hypnotischen Rhythmus im Weinberg, kleines anonymes Getier raschelte im Unterholz und ging seinen nächtlichen Geschäften nach - diese warme Mittsommernacht hatte eine ganz eigene Gänsehautstimmung... nur der betörende Rosenduft streichelte und beruhigte die Sinne ab und an.

Moon in Tree
My muse and Picasa let me get some kinda psychedelic pictures, when I played with cropping and crisping functions at home later. Well, as I can't get a firm grip on my pliers and wires with my left hand at the mom, the creative juices have to flow somewhere, right? (Ya ya I know I still owe you an explanation on the whys and hows of that new frustrating condition... will come soon, promised!)

Später, zuhause: Meine Muse und Picasa gaben ihr Bestes, um aus den ärmlichen Schnappschüssen ein paar psychedelische Tableaus zu zaubern. Irgendwo muss sich die Kreativität ja entfalten dürfen, gell, jetzt wo ich weder Draht noch Zange mit der geschwächten linken Hand halten kann.
(jaja, ich weiß, ich schulde euch immer noch die Erklärung, Wie und Warum ich jetzt so eingeschränkt bin; kommt bald, versprochen!)
Orange Moon in Tree
When it's ripe, it will drop and burst into a golden cascade of glowing light droplets...

Und sobald es reif ist, wird es einfach runterfallen und platzen, und eine Fontäne aus glühenden Lichtspritzern wird sich auf die Welt ergießen... 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

To my Jewelry Friends: She's coming!!

I sometimes have the feeling this isn't for real - but chatting with her keeps me reminded every day of the hard facts: It's just another seven days until she will climb a big silver bird, which will bring her safe and sane to my place... well at least that's what I hope for, what all her friends hope for!
I am so excited. My Best Best Online Friend and somewhat soul sister will really really gather her things and come all the way from Bangkok to see me in person - I feel so honored! <3 <3 <3

I am speaking of  Tanya ( Aardvark Silver), of course. She won't just visit to chat face to face eventually, have some fun, and enjoy a vacation (which she desperately deserves after the horrible time life has been giving her the last months, if not years!). Tanya suffers, as some of you will know, from some not yet correctly diagnosed (and of course not ever properly treated!) condition, with much too high pressure of cerebro-spinal fluid, causing her optic nerves to get squished till she will lose her eyesight. Not to speak of the terrible headaches, and neuropathies, and other adverse effects that a compressed and undersupplied central nerve system can bring. Use your fantasy, cause the details are too ugly to be described here in detail.

A certain natural remedy (Ling Zhi Fungus, aka Reishi Mushroom ) was able to bring her a little relief lately, but of course this is just sort of tinkering at the symptoms, and won't be the solution on the long run.

A risky shunt implantation and three (3!) revision surgeries, ending with the removal of the shunt,  didn't bring any relief, yet cost her all monetary reserves and brought her on  the edge of death

in a public hospital in Bangkok in spring 2010, not long after her artery surgery. (It's unforgettable how you all, a crowd of caring, generous  folks out there had helped to make this one possible at all!)

She hasn't had any time to recover from this ordeal, but rather was struggling hard ever since to raise enough funds to come to Germany, where we will hopefully get her into well-reputated German NHS to enable her to go to a proper hospital, with all the diagnosis tools and machines, and dedicated well-paid doctors who will care to find out how this wonderful lady can be helped.

But - there always seems to be a "but", right? *sigh* - all her efforts harvested just enough spare money to buy a ticket from BKK to Germany, and some more to send her goods and supplies here. Imagine: This brave soul doesn't want to leave her customers and friends (you can use the words synonymously in oh so many cases) outside in the rain, but instead continue sending beautiful gems and shiny hard-to-find high quality supplies to them, along with her message of light and love,  while she is seeking medical care! Of course I will help her as good as possible, and of course she won't need a dime for lodging and food as long as she stays with me and my family.
Still, some expenses may come up, like transportation, medicines, phone and internet fees and some more I can't even think of at the moment. And she wishes so hard and has been dreaming of seeing some more of her friends in Europe... oh what a bliss it would be to gather them all in one place and welcome our dear Tanya!

To come to the point, this whole rant is basically just another heads up to go to her online shops and buy buy buy what you will need now and for the next weeks! Hey, it's only 6 short months till Christmas, and the main holiday business will start long before that LOL.
And if you need some jewelry gift for yourself (I know you make all the gifts for your special persons yourself ;-)) - why not check out if Tanya's very own jewelry line on "Fusion Muse"
has something to offer for your appetite?!

There's really no reason to buy anything from Tanya out of pity for her situation. She wouldn't want this anyways! Her carefully selected silver jewelry supplies are of hard-to-reach quality, her unique artisan jewelry is a class of its own, and last not least she is having a SALE, offers generous DISCOUNTS, and has some fab GIVE-AWAYS to share with her customers!

A final explanation to those of you who might think the whole plan is just frigging mad, and silly to the core: Time is running out for her eyesight. And if you knew the pains and the fear she has to live with, you wouldn't wonder in the least, that her patience is running out, too. That she is now grabbing for the best and maybe last chance to set an end to her suffering. Thanks for listening,  thanks for spreading the word,  and thanks for shopping with Aardvark!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just a Quickie: Auspicious Omen?! - Grund zum Optimismus?!

While I am still working on a lengthy post with many pics about what I have done lately (before my break-down), here some awesome news: I may have made my first online sale ever!
May?! Huh? Explanation, please! Well here it comes:
About 18 months ago, I had set up an E-shop at eCrater.com. Since this venue is mainly US-oriented and offers shipping templates for US-based sellers, plus has an overall awkward navigation, I didn't do more than play a bit and list one item in my shop "DoctorYu-JadeJewelry": The green pendant you can now see with the goldfish in my "Carats by Carassia" logo - my first somewhat more intricate piece of jewelry ever!

Ich bastele grade an einem ausführlichen Post über die Dinge, die mich auf Trab hielten, bevor ich letzte Woche so plötzlich ins Krankenhaus musste. Für die Zwischenzeit hier eine kleine Anekdote am Rande: Ich glaube, ich habe zum allerersten Mal etwas online verkauft! Ich "glaube"? Hä? Okay, hier die Erklärung:
Vor etwa anderthalb Jahren habe ich erstmals mit dem Gedanken an einen Onlineshop gespielt, und   einen Account bei  eCrater.com  angelegt. Diese Shop-Plattform ist allerdings auf USA zugeschnitten, und insgesamt unhandlich zu navigieren, und so habe ich das nicht weiter verfolgt - nur ein einziges Schmuckstück ist in meinem Shop "DoctorYu-JadeJewelry" gelistet: Der grüne Anhänger, der jetzt zusammen mit dem Goldfisch mein "Carats by Carassia!-Logo bildet - mein allererstes aufwendiger gefertigtes Schmuckstück überhaupt, mit einer komplizierten Netztechnik aus haarfeinem versilberten Draht.

Carats by Carassia Jewelry Green Delight Jade Silver Netted Pendant
I had totally forgotten about this online experiment, when yesterday I received a noreply-mail from  eCrater,  obviously telling me that someone has ordered the item and I shall ship it to Vancouver/WA!
I was puzzled, I can tell you! I even had to google my mails for the log in data to get access to DoctorYu and check what happened there. Indeed, they say there is an order. Excitement!
By what I have learned from my experience at buying online, I thought it was the right thing to send a courtesy email to the customer, and mark the pendant as "SOLD". Funny thing: While I was meticulously composing my very first "Thank you for your purchase..."-letter (with trembling hands!), four more identical orders arrived at my inbox!
So either the customer is as new to buying online, as I am to selling, or it was just some weird spambot  fooling around on eCrater.
Payment hasn't arrived on my PayPal yet. So I guess I will just lean back and wait for things to come...
Anyways, I prefer to think it a lucky sign for my future as a thriving online seller of my own handmade artisan's jewelry! ;-) Or what do you make of this mysterious story?

Ich hatte "Doctor Yu" schon fast vergessen (vollauf damit beschäftigt, "Carats by Carassia" als Marke bekannt zu machen und meinen Artfire-Shop zu bestücken), als ich gestern abend plötzlich eine automatische Email von eCrater bekam: Jemand hat wohl tatsächlich den Anhänger bestellt, und ich soll ihn nun nach Vancouver, State of Washington, USA, schicken! 
Ich wusste nicht mal mehr meine Zugangsdaten und musste erstmal meine Mails googeln, um sie zu finden... Dann: Tatsächlich, bei DoctorYu-JadeJewelry ist eine Bestellung eingegangen. Yippie, ist das aufregend!
Wie es sich für einen guten Online-Verkäufer gehört, habe ich sofort eine nette Bestätigungs-Mail an den Kunden geschickt. Noch während ich mit Herzklopfen meinen allerersten "Danke für Ihren Einkauf"-Brief bastelte, trudelten vier weitere, identische Bestellungen in meinem Postfach ein - hä?
Also, entweder ist der Käufer (oder wahrscheinlich: die Käuferin) genauso unerfahren im Internet-Einkauf wie ich im -Verkauf, oder irgendein durchgeknallter Spambot treibt auf der eCrater-Plattform sein Unwesen. Die Bezahlung ist noch nicht auf meinem PayPal-Konto eingegangen, und so werde ich einfach weiter abwarten und sehen, was passiert.
Egal - ich fasse die Geschichte mal als glückverheißendes Zeichen auf. Mein handgearbeiteter Schmuck wird ein Online-Verkaufsschlager werden, jawoll! ;-)  Oder was denkt ihr über diese mysteriöse Angelegenheit?!

(Bitte vergesst DoctorYu-JadeJewelry gleich wieder - mein Artfire-Studio "Carats by Carassia" wird bald eröffnet!
Please forget about "DoctorYu" for now - "Carats by Carassia" on Artfire is soon to come!)