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Saturday, June 26, 2010

To my Jewelry Friends: She's coming!!

I sometimes have the feeling this isn't for real - but chatting with her keeps me reminded every day of the hard facts: It's just another seven days until she will climb a big silver bird, which will bring her safe and sane to my place... well at least that's what I hope for, what all her friends hope for!
I am so excited. My Best Best Online Friend and somewhat soul sister will really really gather her things and come all the way from Bangkok to see me in person - I feel so honored! <3 <3 <3

I am speaking of  Tanya ( Aardvark Silver), of course. She won't just visit to chat face to face eventually, have some fun, and enjoy a vacation (which she desperately deserves after the horrible time life has been giving her the last months, if not years!). Tanya suffers, as some of you will know, from some not yet correctly diagnosed (and of course not ever properly treated!) condition, with much too high pressure of cerebro-spinal fluid, causing her optic nerves to get squished till she will lose her eyesight. Not to speak of the terrible headaches, and neuropathies, and other adverse effects that a compressed and undersupplied central nerve system can bring. Use your fantasy, cause the details are too ugly to be described here in detail.

A certain natural remedy (Ling Zhi Fungus, aka Reishi Mushroom ) was able to bring her a little relief lately, but of course this is just sort of tinkering at the symptoms, and won't be the solution on the long run.

A risky shunt implantation and three (3!) revision surgeries, ending with the removal of the shunt,  didn't bring any relief, yet cost her all monetary reserves and brought her on  the edge of death

in a public hospital in Bangkok in spring 2010, not long after her artery surgery. (It's unforgettable how you all, a crowd of caring, generous  folks out there had helped to make this one possible at all!)

She hasn't had any time to recover from this ordeal, but rather was struggling hard ever since to raise enough funds to come to Germany, where we will hopefully get her into well-reputated German NHS to enable her to go to a proper hospital, with all the diagnosis tools and machines, and dedicated well-paid doctors who will care to find out how this wonderful lady can be helped.

But - there always seems to be a "but", right? *sigh* - all her efforts harvested just enough spare money to buy a ticket from BKK to Germany, and some more to send her goods and supplies here. Imagine: This brave soul doesn't want to leave her customers and friends (you can use the words synonymously in oh so many cases) outside in the rain, but instead continue sending beautiful gems and shiny hard-to-find high quality supplies to them, along with her message of light and love,  while she is seeking medical care! Of course I will help her as good as possible, and of course she won't need a dime for lodging and food as long as she stays with me and my family.
Still, some expenses may come up, like transportation, medicines, phone and internet fees and some more I can't even think of at the moment. And she wishes so hard and has been dreaming of seeing some more of her friends in Europe... oh what a bliss it would be to gather them all in one place and welcome our dear Tanya!

To come to the point, this whole rant is basically just another heads up to go to her online shops and buy buy buy what you will need now and for the next weeks! Hey, it's only 6 short months till Christmas, and the main holiday business will start long before that LOL.
And if you need some jewelry gift for yourself (I know you make all the gifts for your special persons yourself ;-)) - why not check out if Tanya's very own jewelry line on "Fusion Muse"
has something to offer for your appetite?!

There's really no reason to buy anything from Tanya out of pity for her situation. She wouldn't want this anyways! Her carefully selected silver jewelry supplies are of hard-to-reach quality, her unique artisan jewelry is a class of its own, and last not least she is having a SALE, offers generous DISCOUNTS, and has some fab GIVE-AWAYS to share with her customers!

A final explanation to those of you who might think the whole plan is just frigging mad, and silly to the core: Time is running out for her eyesight. And if you knew the pains and the fear she has to live with, you wouldn't wonder in the least, that her patience is running out, too. That she is now grabbing for the best and maybe last chance to set an end to her suffering. Thanks for listening,  thanks for spreading the word,  and thanks for shopping with Aardvark!


  1. Jutta, this is a very touching post. It brings me to tears when I mentioned this to dear hubby who is sitting in front of me. You are such a KIND, generous and wonderful person to be doing all this. I do remember her first surgery that I followed from time to time on FB.
    To Tanya, stay strong and brave and here is wishing you to a successful treatment in Germany.

  2. Ah no, sweet Mei, au contraire! I am just doing this FOR a kind, generous and wonderful person!
    Reading your comment gives me proof that Tanya is not the only one wearing these colors out there... :-*
    Life is good, and the world is a wonderful place to be, while friendly-hearted people like you live on it.
    Say hallo to your DH from me - it seems to me he is one of the good guys too, if he cares to listen to his wife telling about such things! :-)
    Hugs, Jutta

  3. YAY! So Happy that she is Coming to you! (and to me!) Thank you for your Wonderful Blog! *HUGS and LOVE* Mx

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  5. Tanya on the edge of death? how funny, she seems having great time spending her donations money on a trip across Europe. Is this what she is doing with the money I have donated for her urgent surgery in Europe? Traveling and going to the beach? how wrong!! and please do not delete this comment. many other should know what she is doing with their money!

    i was scammed

    1. You were right. I wish we had gotten in touch, and you had shared your experience with T. She scammed and abused a lot of people.

  6. To The Anonymous person who made such a lovely comment.

    I wish to share a few facts.Please have the decency to at least share an email or some other way of communicating.I wish to send you an e-copy of the 300+ pages of my medical files and x-rays and other scans.I also wish to be able to share with you the current up to date information that is underway.
    I would also suggest that if you donated anything to urgent surgical treatment in Germany then you were scammed as I didnt ever ask for donations for my current treatment and I did not ever receive any.Let me know where you donated and I will see if there is anyway of having a true scammer investigated and found.

    I am also a lot confused as I havent seen a beach here in land locked Germany.Can you please send me map co-ordinates so I can go and see this miracle place?

    Thank you also for pointing out that I have been very lax in letting my friends know what I have been doing in the last two weeks.Unfortunately I have been rather unwell and it was only a couple of days ago that I gained any real relief.I will endeavour to update my own blog for information so that all can be informed.
    I send Light and Love to all.

  7. Wished you would put your Name up so Conversation would be Possible. Please let us Know what page you Donated on and under what Name? I Know you are not getting Scammed by the Tanya we are Talking about.

    She isn't going to the Beach, nor is she Tripping cross Europe. She is seeing Doctors right now and a Solution to her health problems is Close.

  8. I can see the urgent need to update my blog as well, so that more people can share what we've been through since Tanya came here - her with her pain and suffering, and my family and me taking care for her, and last not least me: Sorting all that paper wars that have to be done to get her a proper treatment, visiting administrations and officials, filling in endless forms, making appointments with the doctors, and accompanying her whenever she had a date with one of them. The latest was a visit to the HUGE University clinic at Mannheim, where I held Tanya in my arms while she was getting a spinal tap for some relief...

    Dear Anonymous, if you had seen the liquor spurting from her spine, and if you had been there to see the doctors concernedly shaking their heads over her medical files and inside-pics of her head and spine, you would be relieved (?) that your money - by whatever means you donated it - isn't wasted.

    Today, we are nervosly waiting for the doc to call and tell about the newest lab tests...
    I promise I will keep you and her friends better updated about our proceedings on behalf of Tanya's treatment.

    BTW: Tanya: We DO have a beach (even two!) here in Germany. But the Atlantic as well as the Baltic Sea are at least 700 km from here, and there's no way I will take you there! LOL. So, sadly, it has to be just the forest, which is directly beneath our village. Walking some steps, and sitting under the trees to get a bit peace and relaxation will do you good, and is allowed to even the disabled-est of patients. :-)


  9. There is always one Jutta. Everyone who knows Tanya (and you) knows that she is one amazing lady who still has an incredible generosity of soul despite all that she has been through. If this person was that interested then they would have been following her blog and reading her thoughts and story and would know that all the money from the first fund raising has gone! All gone on treatments in Thailand which did not work!
    All monies raised for this trip were through her shop and if you're getting something for your money where's the scam?
    I wouldn't lost ANY sleep or time over this at all - not worth it as the people who matter know.
    Love Fee

  10. Anonymous - you have obviously not paid any attention to the facts of the situation, and probably don't care to. It is sad to see someone such as yourself who gets satisfaction from being mean-spirited. If it helps, please know that Tanya as probably in pain even as you ere scribbling out your pathetic little rant. Please fall off the edge of the earth, and leave nice people alone.

  11. It seems incredible that anyone would deny Tanya a chance to be healed. I, for one, know that while Tanya was selling items below cost in her stores to fund this trip, she barely had the energy to write on FB or her blog. She pulled this trip off with her strength and the help of true friends. BTW, she took her work with her to continue the fine service she provides to customers. Many would drop everything and disappear from sight. Tanya has the courage and loyalty to her friends and customers to keep them updated. While her posts appear cheerful and light-hearted at times, she is in far worse shape than any of us can imagine. Thank heavens for our own Dr Yu who has practically single-handedly created the environment (physical and emotional) for Tanya to be able to get access to "real" health care. And, to the "nay-sayer," if you only had an open and loving heart, perhaps the Universe would provide healing and joy for you as well!

  12. Thank you all, folks,
    to stand up like ONE MAN for our friend! Although I'd prefer some (Hey John! LOL) to be a tad bit easier on the Anonymous, who seems to be just uninformed and making up her/his own conclusions.

    Of course you are right on the fact that A could be much better informed, if A had followed Tanya's journey as close as some of us did, or even just as close as anyone can be who reads her own descriptions of what she has been going through. Enough info provided in her blogposts, which can easily be re-read because I provided the according links above...!
    So please do your homework, A, and reconsider. Mistakes are human, so you don't have to apologize. Just devour and digest the facts, and rest your mind about "being scammed" - a conception so far away from most generous Tanya how we know her, that it is plain ridiculous.

  13. I doubt we'll hear back from A, who was not just uninformed, but uninformed AND judgemental - any of those concerns could have been posed as questions, which would have been perfectly appropriate. "Scammed" is an accusation of theft - draw blades and repel boarders, says I.

  14. Touché, John! LOL
    You are right, and I am just an overly polite little girl wishing that this was a perfect world where we all could live happily ever after... ;-)

  15. Urgh!
    Anonimous, I hope you are coming back to read the answers you received. You can see there that Tanya is willing to proof what she is going through! Even when all she needs now is take time to get well, not spend energy with such people as you.
    Like has been said above, she's a generous soul.
    Tanya, my thoughts are with you! Light and love to you and your loyal friends!

  16. I am so glad that Tanya has the comfort of a bustling and love-filled home, Miss Yu!
    As someone who has had a chronic pain issue, it is really sad that someone would think that if a person receives donated funds, they should *always* be suffering, without any pleasure in their lives, however small.
    If Tanya openly enjoyed even a small bit the fact that she was headed toward a better life at Jutta's - it is a *good* thing. Hope took her away from her troubles and physical pain for a few moments. If she saw a beautiful body of water through the eyes of pain and it eased her pain even a tiny bit - that is a *good* thing.
    To say we have been scammed because Tanya chooses to focus on the beauty around her as a way of embracing hope for her future and temporarily escaping her pain or discomfort is mean-spirited and stingy. I personally pity anyone who would see this the way you have. I hope Jutta Pollyanna, Lady of Mercy and the Rosy Lenses is correct - that you are simply misinformed - but alas, I fear Sir John the Cynically Stouthearted, Defender of the Weak (:^D) is the more correct one.