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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Out of the Wired Box - Kupferschmuck, mal anders!

A small step for mankind, but one giant leap for me: I made my first non-wire metal jewelry! No big thing, just a copper hook clasp. But without Tanya's help it would not have been possible! She not only gifted me these perfect, light Burma jadeite beads, but brought me a dapping block and taught me how to use it. Thank you, dear friend - your generosity is unmatched!
Ein kleiner Schritt für die Menschheit, aber ein Riesensprung für mich: Ich habe mein erstes Nicht-Draht-Schmuckstück aus Metall hergestellt. Ohne Tanya's Hilfe wäre nicht mal diese einfache Kette mit Hakenschließe möglich gewesen: Nicht nur hat sie mir die herrlichen, hellen Jadeitperlen geschenkt, sondern mir auch einen Holzanken zum Treiben des Bleches mitgebracht, und mir gezeigt, wie man ihn verwendet - Vielen Dank, großzügige Freundin!

I knew exactly what the clasp should look like, so I even made a sketch and transferred it to the 1mm / 18ga copper sheet, before I started torturing my brand new saw. Well, not exactly new - it's been waiting for a mission for some months now - just like the shears, the hammer and the files. It's alway good to have some extra tools handy, when you suddenly feel the urge to jump your shadow, right?
Ich hatte eine genaue Vorstellung, wie die Schließe aussehen sollte. Darum machte ich ausnahmsweise eine Skizze, die ich auf das 1mm/ 18 gauge Kupferblech übertrug, bevor ich meine brandneue Säge folterte. Naja, nicht richtig neu - sie hat schon seit etlichen Monaten auf ihren ersten Einsatz gewartet, genau wie der Hammer, die Blechschere und die Feilen. Es ist immer gut, etwas Werkzeug zusätzlich parat zu haben, wenn man plötzlich den Drang verspürt, über seinen Schatten zu springen, gell?

For the chosen clasp motif, only a traditionally knotted strand felt correct. I used some black 0.5mm waxed cotton cord to match the Mushroom of Ten Thousand Years and its earthy look.
Eine traditionell geknotete Kette schien mir das Richtige zum Motiv der Schließe zu sein. Gewachste 0,5mm Baumwollschnur passt perfekt zum "Pilz der 10 000 Jahre".

After dapping, folding, bending, smoothing and adjusting the parts of the bold hook, I attached it via two strong hammered Thai silver jumprings - from Tanya's Artfire shop - to the meticulously knotted jadeite strand. After a bit final partial brushing to add more organic fungus structure, this is what my new favourite looks like.
Treiben, falten, biegen, glatt feilen und anpassen des Motivverschlusses waren die nächsten Schritte. Dann befestigte ich ihn mit zwei fetten, gehämmerten Ösen aus Thaisilber (von Aardvark auf Artfire) an der sorgfältig geknoteten Jadekette. Noch ein bisschen organische Pilzstruktur aufs Kupfer gebürstet - fertig war mein neues Lieblingsstück!  

Here you can see how the skilled Chinese jade masters use this traditional depiction in their auspicious carvings:
Ein paar Stücke aus meiner kleinen Sammlung zeigen, wie die genialen chinesischen Meister dieses traditionelle Symbol für Gesundheit und langes Leben in ihren Jade"schnitzereien" verewigen.
My product is not exactly as beautiful and made-for-eternity as the inspiring jades, but nevertheless I am quite pleased with the outcome! Thanks for looking - I'd be more than happy to hear your comments :-)
Mein Produkt ist nicht ganz so schön, und für die Ewigkeit gemacht wie die inspirierenden Jaden, aber dennoch bin ich recht zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis! Danke für's Schauen. Ich freue mich auf Eure Kommentare :-)


  1. How wonderful to have a new way to make your visions and impressions more concrete. Even though it may seem 'rough' I think you communicated your love of the fungi in this. Here's to being able to capture many more impressions! Salute! You did the beautiful beads proud, my dear:^D

  2. Thanks for your much appreciated comment, Oh Guru! ;-)
    It'may seem rough, but I am indeed proud that it turned out as I meant it to do - useful as a focal, and VERY functional. The hook slides perfectly in place, the thing lies flat and comfortable on the skin, and it captures the "idea" of the sacred fungus, of which I drink at least half a litre of concoction every day... my sole little contribution to a healthy, natural lifestyle ;-)
    Now that it has taken some patina, and gets polished and highlighted by wear, it's almost artsy to behold. ("The picture doesn't do it justice" LOL)
    Enough self praise: Let's see how I think of it next year... or even later!
    POVs tend to change with experience, right? :-D

  3. Jutta, I think it's great! and I imagine you had a lot of fun creating it.


  4. Yu wow it's so beautiful!!!!

  5. My Dear Friend,
    (and I use this moniker most sincerely)
    I have had a lot of time to ponder what has transpired over the last year and a lot of time to look at the things I have done and said. With this in mind I wish to offer you my apologies. It was not ever my intention to be the cause of hurt you and yours. I am human like all others and as such make mistakes. I have an idea now that mistakes that are repeated over and over even in the face of gentle (and not so gentle at times) pointers, are just stupidity. So inspite of all the learning and changing and working out things I have shown once again I am just a stupid person.
    Please accept my apology as it does come from my heart and please try and understand that stupid humans are still people as well.
    Love and Care to you and yours

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. --Reposting because I forgot sth important :-) ---

    Being human as well, and stupid, too, I can relate. By publishing your comment here I show you my appreciation, and (if somewhat still reluctantly) take your apologies and thank you.
    Please understand that I can't offer you a "come back, all is forgiven"-hug. For doing it all "unintentionally", you did a great job on hurting and disappointing me. You were my confidant long enough to know that I don't LIKE to be bitter or feel hurt - but you may understand that it will still take some more time and working on it all to get things into new, proper places again. I cannot wipe it all away, or stash it into some dark place to fester on, and you shouldn't either.
    I hope this can be a starting point for an ongoing dialogue, to help us heal better over time, even if it might need some more turnings-of-the-knife and "reopening the can of worms". ;-)